So how does London look on a Friday night?

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25/02/2012 by Shalim

I have often made the remark to people that I’m not one for organising my blog points before I write my blogs. As much as I’d love to, whenever I quietly sit in my bedroom with my laptop open to Microsoft Word, ideas do not come into my head. Instead, in order for me to write an effective piece of writing, I have to be inspired by a certain topic, to be under its influence, to articulate my mind.

This evening I had an encouraging time with God’s family. A lovely couple from one of our church plants invited the students over for lunch and a brother discussed something relevant from God’s word. We had a much encouraging time. Upon returning home, I drove past an unusual place called Camden Town. It was my first time I’d been there. I had heard that it was famous for being the hub for the Rock & Roll and punk subculture/musician hangout. The reality was confirmed with my own eyes this evening. That place was strangely odd. I didn’t see much rockers, but I saw a lot of clubs and bars and an unusual place that looked like a circus. Weird. But I saw tons of young people from all ethnic groups hanging out outside nightclubs, pubs and bars. And a thought came to me. I wrote this as I normally do on my Facebook status, that before we guzzle down whatevers remaining inside the Vodka bottle we should remember that we were made for something greater than that.

If you do not share the same Christian convictions as me, you are probably thinking who am I to judge what people do, Let them decide their own lives and if they screw up, that’s their life not yours! End of the day you are right. You make the decisions of your life and you suffer the consequences of your actions. However, here’s a fact you must face. Would you still drink the bottle of Vodka and party till 6 in the morning if you were raised in the Amazon Rainforest? No. So does that essentially mean you are the product of your culture, and your view of life has largely been shaped by those around you – i.e. people had an agenda and you were a product of that agenda or worldview? I say yes.

Allow me to introduce another ‘agenda’ so to speak. The reason as I Christian I can say that you were made for something greater than guzzling down the Vodka is because I believe you are precious, fearfully and wonderfully made. You bear the image of God Himself, which means that you are special.

That’s all. Sorry if it sounds rushed, I must have run out of the inspiration ink! But that’s only half of the story. The next and more important one for another day, perhaps.


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