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01/03/2012 by Shalim

We have an epidemic in society. I am not talking about the spread of some infectious disease or end-time zombie scenario. But what I will write in the following paragraphs is much more serious. It rocked me, ironically, in the men’s toilet at university today. Imagine if you could read peoples thoughts on a given subject without asking them about it. That’s what I experienced today. On the toilet door, I was welcomed by a door full of scribbles, ranging from issues of religion, sexual orientation and sex itself, and many crude references linked to these.

In the time I had to read what was written, which wasn’t long, someone had written something to the effect that only Jesus can help you with your drug problem. Now, of course, it is true that when people surrender themselves to the Lordship of Christ, submit to His provision for us instead of always trying to solve the problem ourselves, Jesus will and is able to help us, even our bad addictions. But he does something greater…it’s called salvation. Thinking over it, I knew it was silly to write that because it sparked a whole conversation on the door. I’m not going to spend time explaining what people said about Jesus because it would be painful to do that, let alone think it through. But my immediate reaction to all the mean comments written responding to that statement was that young people are absolutely losing an understanding of who Jesus was. They simply don’t care. If you are one of those people who think that, let me say that your indifference to Jesus message is a view of the majority – you are simply a product of that majority reflecting the common view. However, let me also tell you why Jesus message is relevant even in the 21th century.

Do you know what the most purchased book is worldwide? It is the Bible. Perhaps you are still lucky enough to own one of them! Do you know the name of the most talked about, most controversial and most influential figure in history? Jesus. His ministry or mission started with 12 common people, like you and me, who worked a tough job and didn’t get the money they should have got. He did not choose the aristocrats, kings, noblemen and even religious scholars. The majority did not like Jesus because he was different and he challenged their status and exploitation of the poor. The people whom Jesus chose did not have ‘lord’ or ‘sir’ in front of their names, either. Today, over 2.5 billion people claim to follow his message. And that number does not include non-Christian religions who also claim to follow or believe in him. More paintings have been painted of Jesus, more songs sung to him and about him, more people have fought violently claiming to be his followers and more people have left the city lights to enter the dark and unknown world to provide food and other resources and spread his message than any other figure in human history. And if you still don’t care, I understand; you’re merely reflecting the majority view. But if I were you, I’d really look into who this Jesus was before I start recklessly scribbling things about him.

The problem with us young people is that we are always on the search for the ‘now’ moment. We want the highest thrill, when we say we’re different or unique, we’re not really that different from our social group. We let trends and waves drive us by. You know it is true. I had a friend who said he wouldn’t smoke cigarettes, but only a few years later not only did he smoke cigarettes but also did the stronger stuff. What makes us so different, then?   I’d encourage you to be different for this moment and do what a lot of young people aren’t doing: Look into the life of Jesus, study what his message ‘the Gospel’ was about.

It may change your life…forever.


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