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11/06/2012 by Shalim

ImageFor a couple of months I was bothered by ideas that I struggled to convey in understandable terms. On Facebook, I was always welcomed to statuses from people that to me had this negative fire-and-brimstone edge to them. I am not writing this to dismiss what they say or the way they say it, but I have reached a verdict in my mind and want to put the pen to paper (or letter keys to Microsoft Word!). These are my thoughts after battling mentally for a while now. They may not be your burdens, but they are my personal burdens.

To speak about sin and its aftereffects without speaking about the comforting aroma of the Gospel may be telling half the story. It would be like saying the characters of LOST weren’t rescused after being lost on an island for months. What really happened to them at the end anyway? I regress, sorry. Practically, this is how this is normally done. Out of a strong detestation for everything that is wrong in the world, we post statuses from the Bible about how wicked, depraved, wretched, corrupt and ruthless humanity is. I am not questioning the validity of these passages but simply arguing for its proper place and its usage in everyday life/contexts. If an habitual struggler with alcohol approached you seeking your spiritual guidance, you’d obviously understand that his understanding of your faith may be misunderstood by him. In that very moment, he may not need to be condemned but may require the comforting ointment of the Gospel that softens open wounds.  What I am saying is we have to be wise in the situation we find ourselves. An ideal example of overemphasising the sinfulness of humankind at the cost of the comforting love of God is the strict King-James-Only, fundamentalist Baptist’s over across the pond. That view may get you on CNN, but it’s far from the truth in reality. I know my ideas are all over the place. Nevertheless, let me summarise it all in a sentence. To aggressively preach about sin without or in spite of  the call of humanity into the loving arms of God will create imbalances just like emphasising God’s love at the expense of his wrath does. People need to know God loves them (the theological term being ‘common grace’) in a period when love is such a superficial thing and people go back and forth trying to discover it “under the sun”.


Till another time, hasta la vista!


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