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  1. “I think these younger …

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    22/06/2012 by Shalim

    “I think these younger Christians are the vanguard of some major new religious, social, and political arrangements that could make the older form of culture wars obsolete. After they wrestle with doubts and objections to Christianity many come out on the other side with an orthodox faith that doesn’t fit the current categories of liberal Democrat or conservative Republican.”
    ― Timothy Keller


  2. Just some morning musings

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    11/06/2012 by Shalim

    For a couple of months I was bothered by ideas that I struggled to convey in understandable terms. On Facebook, …
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  3. My unusual experience

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    01/03/2012 by Shalim

    We have an epidemic in society. I am not talking about the spread of some infectious disease or end-time zombie …
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  4. So how does London look on a Friday night?

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    25/02/2012 by Shalim

    I have often made the remark to people that I’m not one for organising my blog points before I write …
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  5. Do I Hate Religion?


    12/01/2012 by Shalim

    In one of my earlier posts, I closed by saying Christianity was and is a religion. Before coming to that …
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  6. A Look at the life of Christopher Hitchens and Thoughts on Ecclesiastes

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    17/12/2011 by Shalim

    I woke up around 4AM Friday morning for no particular reason, and had no desire to return to sleep, so …
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  7. Christianity: Religion, Relationship Or What?


    28/11/2011 by Shalim

    Many Christians do not call their faith a religion but a relationship. I think there are three reasons for this. …
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