1. Walking with “Humility, Gentleness and Paitence” on Facebook (online)


    03/01/2012 by Shalim

    Anyone who has read the Bible to some level so they understand the key themes know the speech and using …
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  2. The meaning of Christmas

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    24/12/2011 by Shalim

    Many of us imagine the ideal Christmas with a wintry feeling, snow, and that special feeling you get watching Christmas …
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  3. A Look at the life of Christopher Hitchens and Thoughts on Ecclesiastes

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    17/12/2011 by Shalim

    I woke up around 4AM Friday morning for no particular reason, and had no desire to return to sleep, so …
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  4. Christianity: Religion, Relationship Or What?


    28/11/2011 by Shalim

    Many Christians do not call their faith a religion but a relationship. I think there are three reasons for this. …
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  5. The folly of worldly wisdom

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    14/11/2011 by Shalim

    Many people incorrectly think because they have lots of knowledge that somehow they possess the truth in their camp. If …
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  6. The Religious Industry in Nigeria


    11/11/2011 by Shalim

    Persuasive speakers in flashy suits and expensive cars submerges the religious arena in Nigeria. For many church-goers there, the dominant …
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  7. Why “Criminal Minds” is perhaps the best show I will ever watch

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    03/11/2011 by Shalim

    When God saved me around mid-April 2008 or 2009, He took me through a lot of different experiences to which …
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